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Poster: He Live's Date: Jan 7, 2008 11:28pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: RE: THE JERRY STATS

(sorry i did too much work to put this under EBPs post, BUT this is a response to LAWOMAN)

ok, so he had to play uncle -- 605 times!!! big whoop.... try sitting through drums, ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE TIMES!!! (and you know there was A LOT more drum soling than that!) out of 2,355 SHOWS.... we're not even counting rehearsals!

2,355 shows in (give or take) 10,950 days -- one show per 4.64 days
(1536 shows post 1972 in 9,125 days; 1464 post 73 in 8760 days; 1395 post '74 in 7,665 days; 1350 post '76, in 6935 days)

that's one estimated prophet per 17.82 days or 3.47 shows
one uncle per 18.1 days or 3.89 shows
one sugar mag per 18.59 days or 3.99 shows
one other one per 18.65 days or 4.01 shows
one playin in the band per 18.75 days or 4.03 shows
one eyes of the world per 24.01 days or 4.04 shows
one china cat per 19.94 days or 4.28 shows
one not fade per 20.66 days or 4.44 shows
one truckin per 21.13 days or 4.54 shows
one scarlet begonias per 27.8 days or 4.64 shows
one stella blue per 28.37 days or 4.75 shows
one jack straw per 23.15 days or 4.97 shows
one fire on the mountain per 30.17 days or 5.49 shows
one t jed per 25.64 days or 5.51 shows
one promised land per 25.76 days or 5.54 shows
one let it grow per 33.18 days or 5.58 shows
one good lovin per 26.13 days or 5.62 shows
one around per 26.19 days or 5.63 shows
one big river per 27.65 days or 5.94 shows
one music per 32.75 days or 5.96 shows
one bertha per 27.72 days or 5.96 shows
one wharf rat per 27.79 days or 5.97 shows
one el paso per 28.14 days or 6.05 shows
one franklin's per 34.68 days or 6.31 shows
one sugaree per 30.58 days or 6.57 shows
one black peter per 31.92 days or 6.86 shows
one UJB per 33.18 days or 7.13 shows
one BIODTL per 34.21 days or 7.35 shows
one ramble on rose per 34.43 days or 7.4 shows
one dont ease per 34.76 days or 7.47 shows
one casey per 36.5 days or 7.85 shows
one mama tried per 36.99 days or 7.95 shows
one morning dew per 42.6 days or 9.16 shows
one cold rain and snow per 45.62 days or 9.81 shows
one dark star per 47.19 days or 10.15 shows
one dire wolf per 48.45 days or 10.42 shows
one cumberland blues per 50.93 days or 10.95 shows
one brokedown palace per 51.16 days or 11 shows
one help on the way per 69.86 days or 12.68 shows
one china doll per 80 days or 13.47 shows
one big RR blues per 63.62 days or 13.69 shows
pne stephen per 66.36 days or 14.27 shows
one cyrptical per 84.23 days or 18.11 shows
one me & bobby mcgee per 92.79 days or 19.95 shows
one dancin in the streets per 95.21 days or 20.47 shows
one to lay me down per 171.09 days or 36.79 shows
one attics of my life per 228.12 days or 49.06 shows
one in the midnight hour per 644.11 days or 138.52 shows

(........ sorry gang, i am doing this by hand and my method is somewhat inexact (hah!) but you get the "relative idea".... and dont go telling me how i did it wrong, i know..... still -- you get the idea)

(FUCK YOU BOBBY!.... ESTIMATED AGGGGAAAAIIIN..... i just played it 3.47 shows ago!.... fine fine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 yeah yeah SEVEN, i know -- jesuss christ, where's my dragon..... can i just play ATTICS one fucking time, it's only been 49.06 shows!)

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Poster: jglynn1.2 Date: Jan 8, 2008 5:48am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: RE: THE JERRY STATS

Are you sure El Paso wasn't played every show? I'm pretty sure they played it at every show I saw.

What about Mexicali - I think they played Mexicali in between shows and while sleeping just to stay warm. I think it was Mexicali & El Paso that did Jerry in.